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Ceramic Polaroid Coasters


I create totally awesome Ceramic Coasters that are styled like instant Polaroid Film prints using my original Photography. I hand make each coaster one by one. The inspiration behind my coasters started in 2010 after making a set of flimsy coasters for a friend whose children quickly destroyed. After that I needed to find a way to print my art in a practical way that could be displayed gracefully, used functionally, and durable enough not to meet doom by tiny idle hands! 

This is where my love for analog photography and film came into play. One of my most cherished smells in the world is that of the darkroom. Instant film, like Polaroid was always so fascinating to me because it's what I started using as a child.... The smell of a developing polaroid -- waiting patiently for moments that just passed to appear magically back into vision. Holding a Polaroid still brings back those memories.

I believe that too much time is spent looking at art..and I'm the kind of girl who needs to touch everything!  My coasters are built to last. They make excellent gifts for all occasions and can be fully customized with your own photographs. I also offer handwritten personalization at no cost. Which can help you in creating your own memories from my work. 

My Fine Art coasters are available for purchased below at my shop, PiXELGRiN. Shipping is available to the US, European Union, Austrailia, New Zealand and other countries upon request. 


Click below to shop PiXELGRiN on Etsy! 

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