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Get to know me; the girl behind the camera. 



photography. street art. surrealism. travel. drum circles. sociology. buddhadharma. art. positive psychology. writing. world music. non-fiction books. documentaries. learning. cult films. reading. journalism. skywarn.  video games. conscious music movement.



dalai lama. lewis carroll. salvador dali. steve mccurry. steve jobs. banksy. ron fricke. david lachepelle. mark seliger. blek le rat. david thorne. gandhi. thomas  szasz. neem karoli baba. siddhartha gautama. 



alice in wonderland. perfume. go ask alice. the internet is a playground. siddartha. freakonomics. stuff white people like. into the wild. eat pray love. dharma punx. the dharma bums. on the road. no one here gets out alive. be here, now. helter skelter. good faeries/bad faeries. journals. back to the wild. bhagavad gita. travel guides. blink.



punk rock. reggae. industrial. classic rock. indie singer-songwriter. indian. scottish. middle eastern. taiko drumming. tabla. djembe. cajon. ektar. wooden whistles. singing bowls. hypnotic beats. kirtan. acoustic, alt rock. hand percussion. bagpipes. vocal chanting.



alice in wonderland. braveheart. the buddha. baraka. samsara. into the wild. big fish. across the universe. outsourced. full metal jacket. american history x. manufactured landscapes. office space.  v for vendetta. waking life. the fall. almost famous. what dreams may come. sacred planet. home. amelie. half baked. tangled. the little mermaid. fight club. 8 mile. dazed and confused. ponyo. slc punk. the doors. superbad. ever after. dazed and confused. the wall. slumdog millionaire. love me if you dare. the life of pi. 200 cigarettes. spirited away. pleasentville. lost in translation. sita sings the blues. kundun. the last airbender. waiting. spirited away. mood indigo.




dreadlocks. music. daydreaming. being barefoot. getting lost. adventures. lazy rivers. lucid dreaming. road trips. skee ball. notebooks. pens. being outdoors. time-lapse movies. long exposure photography. culture. anthropology. studio ghibli. painting. making lists. muscle cars. campfires. color. the beach at night. non-fiction. hinduism icongraphy. documentaries. firefiles. faeries. seahorses. camping. ice hockey. the ocean. thunderstorms. textbooks. & more.



Love. Collectivism. Kindness. Unity. Freedom. Happiness. Honesty. 


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